Text Box: Enterprise Application and Integration

We offer full range of Enterprise Application Development and Integration Services to meet the demands of our customers across industries that include:

Text Box: Summary

· Web-based eCommerce

· EDI Integration

· XML-based Portals

· Systems Integration

Web-based eCommerce:

We employ a number of "front-end" eCommerce tools that offer real-time access to back-end systems including traditional web site eCommerce tools such as shopping carts, secure transactions, etc.

EDI Integration:

We provide development and technical support of EDI as part of an overall enterprise application integration or eCommerce initiative.

We have comprehensive EDI implementation experience such as:

· EDI translation / mapping tools

· International industry EDI standards

· Traditional EDI VAN services and Internet based transport methods

· On-going support of EDI infrastructure

XML-based Portals:

We are experienced in several XML-based industry-standard protocols and can assist our customers in integrating various types of eCommerce options into their overall solutions.

Systems Integration (BizTalk):

We provide cross-platform and cross-system communication facing major challenges such as:

· Providing web front-end to legacy applications

· Building efficient business processes within the enterprise by integrating various systems

· Creating efficient communication amongst various trading partners and

· Integrating into web-based trading portals

Our systems integration solutions include all facets of a comprehensive solution, including but not limited to:

· the requirements analysis

· specification development

· application development

· application deployment

· managed hosting and infrastructure support

We also provide these services independently. If you have system integration or compatibility issues, in select cases, we do provide pilot project as proof-of-concept at low cost.  Prospective customers may get in contact with    i-services for more information regarding specific needs and the possibility of engaging i-services in pilot projects.