Text Box: Infrastructure and Security Management

We specialize in providing a wide variety of networking solutions such as analysis, design and implementation of network infrastructures, including IP LAN and WAN networks. We excel in integrating networking projects with the rest of the organizations’ IT systems.

As an organization, we provide professional support and end-to-end project responsibility – from consultation and planning, through design, installation, control, documentation and ongoing network and systems management and monitoring services along with security management.

Text Box: Summary

à LAN Monitoring

Our Local Area Network performance monitoring services helps analyze the performance by considering the following factors:

¨ Network throughput

¨ Network utilization based on protocols

¨ Bandwidth utilization by each hardware component

¨ Processor, memory utilization of the network components

¨ Ports active on network components

¨ Health of the LAN and Quality of Service parameters

¨ Trend graphs

¨ Peak hours and off-peak hours

à WAN Monitoring

Our Wide Area Network monitoring keeps a close watch on all the WAN components and provides an insight into the following parameters:

¨ Circuit availability

¨ WAN component availability

¨ WAN bandwidth utilization

¨ Traffic on any circuit at a given time period 

¨ Monitoring traffic based on different WAN protocols

¨ Monitoring traffic based on various applications

¨ WAN and its Quality of Service parameters

¨ Trend graphs

¨ Peak hours and off-peak hours

à Systems and Application Monitoring

In every organization,  its servers, workstations and business critical applications are the most vital components.  Greater part of the monitoring efforts are directed towards making them available all the time. To avoid any downtime, i-services provides pro-active monitoring of servers and applications as detailed below:

¨ Comprehensive Fault Management

Proactive management of the distributed enterprise by alerting in advance of system failures.

¨ Broad Configuration Management

Detailed inventory collection, Version Control and Integration Server Maintenance for effective deployment and maintenance of consistent, manageable configurations.

¨ Performance Management/Resource Utilization

Help determine how servers are utilized.

¨ Remote Management

Utilize remote consoles and ensure that i-services’ customers are never out of touch with their systems, even when they are off - line or without power.

¨ Version Control and Integration Server Maintenance

Help monitor and update versions of customers’ servers and workstations firmware, drivers and utilities.

¨ SNMP and HTTP Standards Based

Provide integration with other management products and browser access.

¨ Flexible Network Connectivity

Provide software products that support multiple transport protocols

Pre-defined automated actions can be taken on receiving certain types of alerts or warnings.

Trend graph generation gives a clear picture of server & application usage

à Web Server / Site Monitoring

Our web server/site monitoring services cover the monitoring of web sites and web servers and gives the following benefits:

· Periodic checking of availability of web servers 

· Periodic checking of availability of web sites

· Traffic to any particular web sites 

· Number of hits for any particular web site

· Average time taken for loading of web site pages 

· 24x7 Live Support

· Multi-User Access Group Alerts 

· Real-Time Reports 

· Problem Escalation

· Monitoring every minute

· Provide 60 days history

à Network Design and Validation Services that include:

Complete planning of new and existing networks according to the business and professional demands of the customer.

Services that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the customer network, systems and applications once the project is completed.

à Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning services that include:

· Planning, implementation and upgrade of data backup systems

· Design and deployment of storage systems

· Site Duplication - includes integration of all the networking elements, mission-critical information systems, and information security mechanisms into the newly-established, protected site

· Disaster Recovery Plan - includes complete analysis of the customers’ needs and proposing the best solution – that includes backup, storage, and system duplication.

· Business Continuity Planning - Providing the customer with procedures and possible courses of action in the case of a disaster – determining the customers’ maximum affordable down-time.

à Managed Security Services :

It is very critical for many organizations to have reliable information security at a time when the computer attacks and threats to their networks and systems are on the rise almost on a daily basis. Organizations’ investment decisions about information security are best considered in the context of managing their business risks. Risks can be accepted, mitigated, avoided, or transferred.

i-services will provide managed security services in such a way that although the customer still owns their information security risk and business risk, contracting with i-services will allow the organization to share the  proven risk management and mitigation approaches of i-services.

The incentive for our customers to look up to i-services for a range of security services will be to reduce costs and to have access to accomplished staff whose full-time job is security. i-services provides managed security services that include:  

· Network boundary protection, including managed services for firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

· Security monitoring (may be included in network boundary protection)

· Incident management, including emergency response and forensic analysis. (This service may be in addition to security monitoring.)

· Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

· Anti-virus and content filtering services

· Information security risk assessments

· Data archiving and restoration

· On-site consulting

By outsourcing security services to i-services, our customers will be assured of high quality, strategic and practical guidance about how to maximize their information security.

We  have the ability to meet our customers’ security requirements, including confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets that are critical to fulfilling their mission.