Our vision is to be a vibrant IT services partner of choice by providing value-creating IT solutions. We want to be a value -adder to our customer's competitive strength.


Our mission is to become a dominant player in:

· Implementing emerging and cutting-edge technology solutions.

· Exceeding customer satisfaction and increase their profitability by providing them with quality services and products, utilizing our highly talented employees.


We are committed to building an enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers by providing them with high-quality, professional services. We consider these long-term partnerships to constitute the company's single most important asset and the true spirit behind our current and future success.

We are dedicated to assisting our customers in creating and sustaining a competitive advantage in their respective markets. We partner with our customers to build, manage, maintain, and evolve ground-breaking IT solutions that are effectively able to address mission critical information processing and information management needs.


We combine the benefits of IT Outsourcing, Enterprise Application Management and Integration, Product Development and Customization to offer enterprises a superior way to use integrated technology.

We are able to deliver on our promise for the following reasons:

Experience and Expertise counts:

· True to our experience and with our domain expertise, we are capable of analyzing our customers’ business needs and provide them with expert solutions.

This is what we do:

·Providing IT services being our core competency, it will be a smart decision for all our customers to utilize
i-Services as their IT service provider of choice.

Onsite and Offshore facilities:

·We provide the right combination of onsite and offshore Application Development and IT Infrastructure Management facilities that gives our company the ability to deliver quality services and products at reduced costs.

Executive Team

The Executive Team at i-Services consists of highly respected and seasoned professionals covering various disciplines. Each associate is uniquely qualified and highly distinguished in his respective field.

The i-Services executive team with its broad experience and team of motivated professionals, continues to deliver exceptional performance marked by confidence and achievement. Operating in unison to create a highly efficient management engine, our executive team drives the company forward at an extraordinary pace.

Unique management culture and business acumen enables us to provide our customers with the most innovative, value-added solutions. By maintaining an unwavering and absolute focus on our business operations, customers and partners, i-Services is confident in its ability to reach and surpass its enduring vision and objectives.

Our People

At i-Services,  we pride ourselves on recruiting, hiring and retaining the best of the talent in the industry. Every associate in i-services offers a distinctive set of expertise, experiences and perspectives on a constantly evolving industry.

We are devoted to nurturing an environment of innovation and stability - an environment where 'work' seems less like making a living and more like making a difference. Our people are dedicated to not only delivering the best in cutting-edge technology solutions to our customers but also work for their own development. They endeavor to reshape and redefine their own skill-sets, and in turn, put in richness and depth to
i-Services .

Our zeal is in developing a strong, long-term customer relationship and delivering our value-add services. We do our utmost for excellence in project delivery, value through industry proficiency, and success through technology competence.

We consider customer satisfaction as an integral function of our organization. Our people help our organization to evolve from customer satisfaction to customer delight through various surveys and constant deliberations with our customers.

Our consultants are industry experts, with wide-ranging domain knowledge who provide direction and depth to our organization. Our Business Development Managers provide pre-sales consultation to our customers.

As for the Customer Engagements, we provide a one point contact for all our customers. Our Project Management team understands the components of the customer IT environment, how they all fit and operate together, and know how to plan, implement, control, and deliver the IT projects.