Text Box: IT Staffing and Recruitment Services

We help our customers staff their IT departments through our network of consultants and partners. We recruit highly qualified IT professionals and facilitate our customers in running their IT setup. Besides, we are preferred vendors of large companies and other IT staffing companies. With all our expertise and experience we deliver outstanding services to all our customers.

Text Box: Summary

Some of the unique qualities that set us apart from rest of the companies are:

· We minimize IT staffing costs

· We deliver superior quality, productivity, and service

· Through our experience, we thoroughly understand our customers’ business needs and tailor-make our services to suit their needs

· We provide value-added services

Our approach to minimize your IT staffing costs

· We pre-screen and recommend the consultants that fit your needs.

· We explore consultants with right skills so as to help you not pay extra for overqualified personnel.

· We help you improve the productivity of your IT functions by eliminating administrative burden that interferes with your operations.

How we deliver superior productivity, quality, and service

With many years of IT staffing experience under our belt for large companies, we know our job the best. Our approach has evolved to include the following best practices:

à Pace

Over the years, we perfected the way of finding right consultants for right jobs.

We adapt appropriate technologies, databases, and human networking and utilize our experienced recruiting personnel to find the right person suitable for your needs.

à Superior Value

Our recruiting managers work in close association with our customers. They understand exactly what they want to accomplish and recommend different alternatives.

à Recruiting

Our recruiting managers are well-trained in today's technologies and have the people skills necessary to engage in right communication.

We perform rigorous screening process including background checks, previous employers, character reference check etc.

We interview every person in stages and several times before finalizing him for the job.

à Specialization

Our IT staffing services specialize in the skill sets required to support our solution practices that include:

· Enterprise Application Maintenance and Integration

· Product Development and Maintenance

· Networking and Security

We at i-services have years of experience working with companies in the following industry markets:

· Financial Services

· Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Services

· Life Sciences and Educational Services

à Understanding Your Business

i-services has technical recruiting specialists who know our customers’ business processes and have the ability to interact with our customers’ business and culture immediately.

i-services and our customers

We are committed to a long-term customer satisfaction. Our company management is committed to invest in our employees and consultants who have a positive influence on our customers and deliver outstanding services to them.